I have always been passionate about my nutrition and over the years have learnt how intertwined food and emotions/energy really are. I now stick to a wholefoods / zone style of eating and eat a massive amount of it each day without worrying about my waistline. I absolutely love nothing more than socialising over dinner with my family and friends and will eat whatever I’m served, but for the majority of the week, I cook all of our family breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners. I can’t remember the last time I had a sip of soft drink, or ate McDonalds. I don’t class that as food. My kids eat wholefoods 90% of the time while also enjoying some treats on our outings. In saying that, I’ll happily make my kids a cheese and vegemite sandwich, but that will be accompanied by my homemade quiche filled with veggies and protein and a fruit platter.

When I say wholefoods, I’m referring to foods that only have one ingredient and are natural. I rarely eat anything from a packet. If i pick something up in the supermarket and look at the ingredients – and there are more than 2 or 3 things in it or words that i cannot pronounce or have not heard of, i don’t eat it. It’s similar to paleo style, but I don’t like to say I eat one certain diet as such and i also have a little dairy.

I stick to lean protein, eggs, every single vegetable and fruit (a crazy amount of berries), quality oils, nuts, natural yoghurt, organic butter, almond milk, cacao, coffee, teas, protein powder and atleast 2.5l of water a day. I don’t eat many grains these days. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin by cutting them out. I do however, enjoy a little rye bread, gluten free oats and gluten free pasta on occasion.  I don’t eat refined sugar.

I ensure I have the three macros at every snack and main meal – protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs), fats (oils, nuts, avocado) and carbs (crazy amount of vegetables, fruit). I enjoy a nice glass of wine and my daily long black caffeine hit. That’s it. I think humanity has lost itself in food. It seems so simple and easy to eat basic foods, but it really is one of the most challenging issues facing us today. Just like exercising, it’ll take time to make changes to your nutrition  and it will take commitment. But after the initial few weeks, it’ll become your routine and your body will be addicted to the bursting energy, clarity and love it feels and you won’t want to go back to your old ways. If you find yourself having problems hitting your daily macros you should contact supplementrelief.com.

My favourite family recipe site is www.kirawestwick.com.au Kira is a mother of two and recently appeared on Australia’s premier Masterchef television show. Her recipes are mouth-watering and most importantly, easy and quick. They suit the entire family and I’m addicted to her smoothies! Check her out on Instagram too. Awesome daily tips.

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