protein smoothie whey protein green smoothie

protein smoothie whey protein green smoothie

What All Women Should Know About Protein

Our goal is to help busy women blossom and a huge focus in that is – nutrition. We truly believe that we are what we eat, literally every cell in our body is reliant on what we put in our mouths and consume on a daily basis. Fitness can be stressing our muscles. There are peptides for sale that are really effective on muscle building and will help you to fast recover.

It’s a fact that women do not get enough quality protein in their diets and because of this they can lack energy, have a slow metabolism, hormonal imbalances and are continually suffering from food cravings that lead to unwanted weight gain. 

This effects every aspect of their lives – fuzzy minds, lethargy, zero motivation, fluctuating moods, anxiety and even depression, to name a few!

Getting enough protein in our diets can be tricky. That’s why we always top up with a protein smoothie daily. It’s easily and quickly absorbed, delicious and you can honestly feel the nourishing goodness instantly!

We use and also distribute the Complete Vegan Superfood Protein Blend. An insanely beautiful protein blend designed to ramp up your wholefood nutrition, plus we can also help you find the best nugenix  supplements! The vegan protein includes an array of veggies ground through it and is gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO. It’s available exclusively via distributors and comes in individual sachets – great for busy women on the run, and also in a bulk family pack – wonderful for smoothies, baking and raw snacks!

How do I use the Complete Protein? 

We suggest to simply use it as ‘shake and take’ or blend it into your favourite smoothies. It’s an alkalising drink, all natural and perfect for the entire family. Entirely breastfeeding and pregnancy safe too!

It doesn’t stop there this protein is different!  We love its versatility! It can also be used as a base for bliss balls, mixed through your oats, smoothie bowls or yoghurt, chia puddings and our favourite, pancakes! 


Can I use it as a breakfast alternative? 

Yes, you can – this protein blend contains all your essential nutrients including 13g of protein to help you stay fuller for longer and regulate blood sugar levels. Many women struggle with breakfast – we get that mornings can be hectic, so having a protein smoothie to start your day is a great way to sneak in some extra nutrients and set yourself up for a successful day! The added benefit is it’s easy, quick and convenient to make!


Can it help me lose weight? 

Yes, it definitely can!  By simply replacing a not so healthy snack or meal with the Complete Protein you will reduce cravings, it will make you feel nourished and satisfied – leaving no room for those little slip ups. Drinking just one protein smoothie a day can help boost your metabolism by a staggering 25%!


Is it Gluten Free?

Yes, it is. Our Protein is also free from GMO’S and dairy! 

If i’m starting to workout more, should I take Protein after a session? 

If you’re looking to lean up and tone up – then yes! We recommend taking a Complete Protein drink within 45 minutes of your workout – this will assist in your recovery, muscle soreness and replenish glycogen stores. Protein is essential in building lean muscles and toning. And a little tip….. Protein combined with exercise, helps slow down the ageing process! Adequate protein is paramount in changing your body shape when training for fat loss.

Where do I find recipes for smoothies and baking?

In your JBT Program Guide! Every customer receives access to our online program, currently helping over 30,000 people around the world.

Payment plans start from $17.50 per week for 60 serves! Upfront, smaller orders also available.

Flavours include Dutch Chocolate or French Vanilla.

Please contact your Project Blossom Ambassador for more information on how to order.

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