Hey, I’m Kimberley.

Being a mummy is hands down the best thing on earth, but my gosh, it’s tough work eh? Some days are a constant battle of trying to be ‘mother of the year’ while also just trying to keep our sanity, health and fitness at bay.

I’d like you to stop for a moment though and just take a breath. Go on, do it. Take a big breath in, now hold it…… hold it….hold it….. And let it go. Ahhhhhhh I hear you sighing. Everything is going to be just fine. Let me tell you right now that you ARE mother of the year. Every single one of us is. This space is all about inspiring, encouraging and offering support to mums that all share a similar vision – To be as strong, healthy, fit and happy as we can be, all while raising the most precious beings on earth, our children.


Let’s get to know each other first. I’m a wife, stay at home mum, daughter, sister, aunty and friend. I devote each day of my life to being the best earth-walking mummy I can be and fulfilling the duties that the universe has set out for me.

This tiny space I have created in cyberland allows me to throw a rope around my sometimes crazy life and channel my love-fuelled passion for family, health and fitness. In sharing my stories, I hope to connect with like-minded mummy’s and maybe, through this rollercoaster ride of motherhood help you, to stay strong mummy. I wish to inspire and also be inspired. We all have completely different journey’s set out for us, the world would be rather boring if we didn’t. As a mum I have taken advice from family, friends and complete strangers to gather tools that I feel best suits my family. My hope is for you to perhaps take a little here and there from this personal blog and see what works for you and your family. I don’t believe there is one set way, routine, lifestyle, diet or strict exercise that suits us all. You are a confident mummy who knows what works best for your family. If you can take a little from journey, then awesome. If not, that’s awesome too.

I’d just love to see a world of Stay Strong Mummy’s.


When I say strong, I firstly mean a CONFIDENT, HAPPY, AND BURSTING WITH LOVE kind of strength – Where you commit to your role in life to be as healthy and happy as you can be. Only then, can you be the strongest and happiest mummy to your family, friends and wider community.

Secondly, I mean a physically FIT strength, where you beam with OPTIMUM HEALTH and say to yourself daily, I CAN DO THIS, I’VE GOT THIS. Are you ready for it? Let’s go on this ride together.

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