Top Tips For the Mummy Tummy

I get asked over and over about the best exercises for lowering body fat levels around the tummy section. My personal opinion is to  cut out as much processed sugar as possible. Reduce gluten and dairy and focus on OVERALL body workouts that enable you use to your CORE. I find a push up more effective than a sit up for my abs.

Choosing exercises that transfer movement, heat and blood flow through to the middle section of our body, with maximum impact, will help shift stubborn body fat.

Some example of these exercise are –

  • Burpees
  • Push ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Bear Crawls
  • Frog Jumps


To spice things up even more, you can also add these static movements to work on stabilising your tummy muscles – Ouch!

  • Plank/Straight Arm or Forearm
  • V-Sit


Keeping it real here Stay Strong Mummies….. losing body fat and strengthening your core is  more than a 1-2 week commitment! To get results  you need to be consistent especially with your food. It is a day in, day out progression… this means one healthy meal after another, backed up with your HIIT workouts. We are all consequences of our daily actions and choices. It shows in not just in our physical appearance, but in our attitude and emotional health.


Increase your water intake – if you are prone to holding onto fluid (fluid retention) it will sit around your fat cells giving you a puffy appearance. The more water you drink, the better chance you have of reducing fluid retention. Drink at least 2 litres a day! In the beginning you will need to pee all the time. Don’t be put off as this is the excess fluid leaving your body.


Increase your Protein intake – you can not build strength and muscle if you are not getting enough protein in you diet. After a workout add in a SSM Protein Smoothie to help replenish muscle stores and help boost your metabolism.

 The Stay Strong Mummy Fitness Plan is going to answer all your in-depth questions on fat loss, nutrition and exercise. We have written this book for you, sharing all we have learnt while raising our families!


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In Strength


Kimberley and Vicky xx


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