The Stay Strong Mummy 3-Day Nourishing Smoothie Cleanse

Hey gorgeous Mamma’s! If you are feeling sluggish, have no energy and your cravings are out

of control you may want to try The Stay Strong Mummy 3-Day  Nourishing Smoothie Cleanse.

Choose to do 1 day or 3 days. It’s all up to you!

The Stay Strong Mummy 3-Day Smoothie Nourishing Cleanse can help you get started..

Below are some reasons why we love it and how it can help you!

  • Improves your digestion, gets rid of a bloated tummy
  • Resets your eating patterns, less cravings
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Stimulates fat loss, drop a few kilos
  • Feel satisfied and nourished
  • Alkaline your body to reduce inflammation
  • SSM Natural Protein will help regulate blood sugars and maintain muscle mass


How many smoothies?

We generally start off having 5, but find after 2 days 4 smoothies satisfy the body.

There are no rules here. We are all different. If you are famished simply make yourself another

smoothie. You will be surprisingly satisfied.

Can I vary my smoothies?

Yes you can! Generally try to start the day with a alkalizing green smoothie. It’s important to

make smoothies you like the taste of. If you struggle with all the greens add a smaller amount

of spinach and build up as you progress.

What if I need to eat something?

You may have the urge to chew! It’s human nature. Snack on an apple or a piece of fruit,

carrot, cucumber, celery etc. I love half a banana and avocado! Or you can simply replace a

smoothie with a light salad or vegetables.

*Remember to include good fats and protein in the salad. Preferably no meat, as you

want to give your digestive system a rest.

TIPS to get you started!

1. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day

2. Have all your fruit and vegetables washed and prepped in the fridge/freezer

3. Don’t forget your healthy fats

4. Avoid alcohol, meat, dairy and any processed foods

5. Move your body; nourish your body with exercise

6. Have a good balance of fruit and vegetables. The more vegetables the better!

7. Drink slowly; chew your smoothies to stimulate digestion

8. If this is your first cleanse don’t be too hard on yourself, they get easier with practice


Not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If your body is

releasing toxins you don’t want to pass on any nasties to your bubba.

Click on the link below and down load your own printable guide with smoothie recipes!


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