(Kimberley performing one of her favourite exercises the jump squat using a Suspension Trainer)

The HIIT Suspension Trainer Workout

Here is a taste of whats to come with the Stay Strong Mummy Suspension Workouts!

We love this total body workout as we move from push to pull exercises to ensure we are working the anterior and posterior  proportions of our body!



  • Squat (SSM Suspension Band)
  • Push up
  • Row (SSM Suspension Band)
  • Jump squat (SSM Suspension Band)
  • Push up


Set your timer for 

30 Seconds Work

15 Seconds Rest

30 Seconds Rest after each round

x 4-5 Rounds 

If you get a tired or a little sloppy performing the jump squats try alternating with fast squats. Example x 2 jump squats 5 fast squats and so on. This will help build up stamina and strength.

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