An insight into my ‘home on wheels.’

Today on the blog, I’m talking about my other ‘home’ – the one on wheels, my car.
As you ladies know, I work with Mitsubishi as a partner and for the past six months, I’ve been zapping about in an Outlander Exceed, providing advice and real-life reviews for them. As we enter a brand spanking new year, Mitsubishi has released a new 17MY Outlander and – I’m currently testing it out, like it ? look at it at the official site and get the best prices !


I picked up the latest Outlander ‘Exceed’  a few weeks ago and she’s a beautiful deep red colour. My children have kindly named her, IronBerry (I’ll explain later).
As most of you know, I’m pretty astute when it comes to writing car reviews. I like to talk about next level engineering, state-of-the-art mechanics and seamless lines. Are you laughing? I know you are. We all know my knowledge of cars, in fact anything to do with ‘mechanics’ or operating any sort of machinery, is extremely limited. My husband doesn’t even let me operate the lawn mower.
But one thing I thoroughly enjoy talking and writing about is being a mum. And as a mum, I spend a LOT of time in the car, zapping around with the little people in tow, doing kindy drop offs, going to work meetings, singing nursery rhymes, escaping at sleep times and on the weekends, taking off with Daddy on adventures (with coffees #onboard).

That being said, I found the gas pedal to be particularly light and sensitive; it sure made for some rough driving at first. Now usually this would be to be expected when changing vehicles for any particular reason, but in this case it was noticeably worse than that for sure. Be sure to contact your insurance on how your coverage with speeding tickets works currently. It is very, very smooth to drive and you may find yourself going over the limit a few times accidentally. It happened to me and I had to actively focus on learning how the speed felt in this new vehicle and to watch my speedometer often.

Mummy and Daddy’s #liquidgold

So a car has to tick a few boxes in my book. The first one is safety, the second is space and the third is technology (because when I drop the kids off to kindy and crank my RnB tunes, Beyonce takes centre stage. I’m not even joking. I need the audio clear and loud. Really loud. #candance).

Over the last few months, quite a few of you have been asking for my honest opinion on the car, how I fit the kids along the back seat, is there enough space, how do I go zapping about and would I recommend it to families – I hope this clears a few of those questions up! (Feel free to drop me a line if not!)

Sunday squad

Having just recently picked up Mitsubishi’s new 2017 Exceed model – I’m actually pretty pumped to write this review. Because, this baby is honestly #nextlevel.
So, first – let’s talk about safety. Hands down, when it comes to safety, I’m absolutely blown away by the features in all of the Outlanders, but particularly the latest 2017 Outlander Exceed. I carry some serious precious cargo in the car and I like to feel safe and secure. The engineers at Mitsubishi have crafted something truly special.
The car has all of the ‘safety’ bells and whistles that Mitsubishi are renowned for, but my top two standout safety features are:
*When you are in reverse – you get a multi-around camera that provides a 360 degree view. Yep, even an aerial view.
*The Outlander ever so kindly alerts you with a blind spot warning, it prompts you when you’re drifting too close to another lane, has a warning and brake assist if it sensors a collision and features an awesome rear cross traffic alert sensor.

Reverse camera

I have three car seats along the back and yes, they all fit like a glove. The kids have plenty of room to stretch their legs and also ‘just’ kick the back of my seat when they’re having a tantrum (kidding not kidding).
In addition to safety, I like a car that allows me to breathe. And when I say breathe – I don’t mean whilst mid-push up off the back of the boot (it is totes fun though!) I mean, in terms of space, comfort and liveability. Yes, liveability. I told you – it’s a home.
The Outlander definitely gets one big tick here. Every time I load the kids in the car (quick sidenote – either the car is a perfect height or I am…. I only have to lean in to buckle them up, not crouch down or reach up – my back loves it!), I jump in the drivers seat and just take a little moment to myself. Whether it’s the fact the console effortlessly holds my green protein smoothie (breakfast on the run), the spaciousness (no one up in my grill), my phone and music being instantly in sync with the audio system (time to sing or listen to a pod cast), the sunroof opening up (for the kids to look for Care Bears in the clouds) or the fact the kids are all strapped in and can’t run away from me, I celebrate a little #win. Some days, it honestly feels like I just take my first deep breath the moment I hop in the car.
The Outlander does feature a third row of seats for an additional two passengers or it’s an extra spacious boot. For the majority of the time, I use the boot as I still have the twins in a big mama of a double pram. I love that at the click of a smart key, the boot automatically opens (I think I’m meant to call that a power tailgate!). Big win. Especially when you’re in a busy carpark, pushing a grocery trolley with three kids riding it like a rollercoaster and you can easily open the boot from a few metres away. (I always feel fancy doing that in a carpark too. #justsaying).

Talking about fancy features, I love the fact the hand brake is just a cute little button in the new Outlander. I first jumped in the car and was like…. um, Mitsubishi you’ve forgotten one minor feature of the car….. the hand brake??? I soon found out, it’s an electric brake and just needs the push of a button to activate it (I told you I’m all up on the engineering stuff!)
It’s also loaded with the latest technology. The stereo is the new Smartphone Link Display Audio or SDA which means you plug in your smart phone (apple or android) and it’s an extension of your iphone. You can do the usual stuff like make calls and listen to music or podcasts, but your phone can read your messages or you can send them via Siri. Ah-maaaaazing!
I was going to finish my review there, but my (darling) husband told me that I can’t write a car review without actually mentioning how the car handles the road, how much ‘grunt and talk’ it has and how it goes on fuel.
In an effort to keep him happy, I’ve let him interrupt this review and here’s his two cents.
‘The Outlander is a solid, safe and powerful car that boasts world-class safety features and the latest in technology. In addition, it’s got a lot of grunt, on both short and long trips. It’s zappy and light on local roads while still powerful and strong on the motorways and country roads. The new model we are driving is a 2.2L Diesel – which is powerful while also very economical for a young family. I just wish my wife would fill the car up during the week, instead of leaving it to me every weekend’. – Ben.
Enough of him.
Before I finish off, I wanted to tell you why my little tribe decided to name this new Outlander, IronBerry.
The car is a lovely deep red colour and the kids were fighting because my little guy wanted to call the car ‘Ironman’ while the girls wanted ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ (because both are red)!
They couldn’t come to an agreement, so after much deliberation – we decided to go with IronBerry.
Well done, Mitsubishi. The new 2017 Outlander Exceed has blown me away. It’s spacious, it’s safe, it’s sleek, it’s stylish, but it’s also a fun family car. One of your best.

On Sundays, we go on adventures!

We love driving to secret swimming spots with Daddy!