Stay Strong Mummy Kettle Bell Workout

For the mum’s who have been doing the SSM HIIT Workouts for a while you may be ready for  little shake up with the Stay Strong Mummy Kettle Bell Workout!  Adding Kettle Bells to your mummy tool kit is a great way to increase, muscle tone, core strength and intensity to your workout.

If you have never used a KB before it’s a good idea to get a PT who is accredited in KB training to go through the basics on technique and form with you. This is to avoid injury or any bad habits you may pick up. Good form, posture and technique is essential for progression and growth.

(Don’t have KB’s  – This workout can be adapted using with dumbbells)

Try this quick kettle bell total body workout 

30 seconds work

15 seconds rest

For a total of 4-5 rounds

  1. KB Swing
  2. KB Thruster (Squat Press)
  3. KB Russian Twist
  4. KB Alternating lunge
  5. KB Shouder Press
  • KB weight will depend on your experience and strength. Start off with a weight range from 5-12 kilos

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