Stay Strong “MUMMY” 4 week Fitness Plan Results


Mama: Lost

Weight – 2.3kg

Waist – 3cm

Arms – 1.5cm

Legs – 3cm

Chest – 2cm (πŸ™„)

Ok Mamas! Today my husband and I have completed our 4 week stay strong mummy/daddyπŸ˜‰ program. We are so pleased with our results in 4 short weeks and I’m so excited to continue all of the healthy habits we have learnt along our journey. We are going out tonight for our anniversary dinner but I already know I’m going to choose the healthy option (praying they have a haloumi salad πŸ™Š…just saying)!

It’s funny, I have literally spent the last 15 months since having my daughter just accepting that the way my body looked was my new post baby body. I didn’t like it…. but it created a beautiful human and the changes were worth it. I feel like every week I said, ok this week is the week. But I seriously just didn’t know where to start. I work from home so sparing that 15 minutes for a workout took away from time I had to work, and if my baby didn’t sleep well then I’d wasted that time. Work always won. My husband always suggested I get up before she does – like he does every morning – but I was way too tired for that (even though my baby sleeps all nightπŸ€”). Now getting up early to do them is second nature as I feel so great the days I do! By 3pm every day I always wondered how on earth I was going to stay awake and by dinner time it was whatever was quick and easy and with some nutritional value….. but it obviously wasn’t enough and that’s why I was so tired and so the cycle goes.

I felt myself well up when I asked my husband to take on this challenge with me. I was so ready for change and just needed him to commit with me and motivate me when I wanted to quit. I’m so thankful he did because this has truly changed everything in our life. We both have more energy and more motivated with life in general. We are excited together to try new food in the stay strong mummy FP book. Sure we had a couple of treats along the way but we were more switched on with making better choices. It’s made us an all round better team. It’s not just about those final kgs that I couldn’t for the life of me drop….. it’s just changed everything in a positive way in our lives.

Thank you Kimberley Anne Vicky Reihana for putting your magic together and creating this bible. πŸ’ž

This morning when I made the comparison I was reluctant to share because I don’t like the before photos. People have said to me in this 4 weeks…. “What? You don’t need to lose weight” but I think the proof is in the pictures….. I sure do look a lot happier, healthier & vibrant in the photos we took at 6am this morning (after a 3am vomit clean up, shower, bed remake up & load of washing with our 15 month old)!

If you haven’t bought this book yet……. do yourself the favour. You won’t regret it β˜ΊοΈπŸ’žπŸ’ž

Camille Vowels

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