Stay Strong Dad 4 week Fitness Plan Results


Dadda: LOST

Weight: – 6kg

Waist – 3cm

Arms – 2.5cm

Legs – 1.5cm

Chest – 5cm

Four weeks ago I agreed to do The Stay Strong Mummy Fitness Plan @staystrongmummyfitnessplan @staystrongmummy because my wife Cam @mummysdiary_ was doing it and she asked me if I would like to try it as well. Now I am no Stay Strong Mummy but I am a Stay Strong Dad so I thought why not give it a try.

I wasn’t overweight by any means but I did need to shift a few kilos but I also wanted to feel fresher both mentally and physically. Both Cam and I eat pretty well but my weakness is sugar and in particular chocolates and I was also drinking energy drinks as well which weren’t good choices. As an ex athlete I have always tried to look after myself since retirement and always have trained regularly be it weights with a group of mates, running or boxing. I trained myself again but this time I added leptitox – a dietary supplement added with what I eat. They are really effective for losing weight and I lost weight pretty easily. You might ask where can you buy leptitox? You can order them online!
Kimberley Welman and Vicky Reihana the authors of the Stay Strong Mummy Fitness Plan are good friends and we wanted to see if the clean eating and training would make that much of a difference in our lives.

So we started together and by day two I had headaches and was tired and grumpy just because my body was craving sugar so badly. It was actually quite hard not to just give in and have a sweet treat that my brain was telling me it needed. I had also given up wholemeal bread which was hard as well as I have always eaten toast for breakfast and for lunch on many occasions.

In the book there are recipes for food to eat in the four week period and I have to say the meals are amazing and don’t for one minute call this a diet because it isn’t, it’s clean eating and clean eating with bloody yummy food.

By day five my head was clear and I felt amazing. When I say my head was clear I mean exactly that, I wasn’t tired during the day anymore and I could concentrate and think more clearly and had more energy as well.

I started my journey at 96.5 kg’s and lost 4kg’s in the first week. In the book there is also a training plan which I was doing with Cam but I was also doing walking and small runs 4-5 days a week. When I say small runs there was nothing over 2k’s as to be honest I hate long runs so don’t do them. With the workouts in the book – I supersetted them by not having any rest between exercises which I enjoy more by doing them this way. The exercises in the book are great and are also illustrated to show everyone how to do them properly.

By week two and three I felt the best I had felt in a number of years. I was also going to playing a game of football in the heat at Goodiwindi in week three and had been having a couple of sessions at the Burleigh Bears to help with this as well as my morning sessions and throw in a full day’s work and I still had energy. My energy levels in the two games I played in heat were great and for 45 I think I held my own against much younger opposition.

When our 4 weeks were up yesterday I had lost a grand total of 6.3kg’s and Cam had lost 2.3kg’s.

For me though it wasn’t about the weight loss it was more about how good I felt mentally and physically. I bounce out of bed early of a morning (much to Cams disgust) and I look forward to starting the day with some form of exercise and good food which I know will get me through the day. I also would have 2 protein shakes with water, blueberries, mango, spinach and banana, one I would have mid morning the other mid afternoon to give me an energy boost.
I still had a beer every now and then but only on a weekend (maybe a few on Australia Day) but I have stuck solid with not eating chocolates or drinking energy drinks. I am not a coffee drinker either but love green tea.

I don’t ever promote anything unless I believe in it and I can’t give this book enough praise. Thanks Kimberley Anne for inspiring us to do this challenge and in doing so making Camille Vowles and I feel so much better. Thanks to Vicky Reihana as well.

Just so you know, both Kimberley and Vicky are just our average working mothers who have the same struggles we all do with juggling working and children and life and fitness. They are trying to show that anyone can make changes if they truly want too and in doing so you will feel amazing. # If you think you can or you think you cant- it’s true.


Adrian Vowels