Last week I made mention to spending more time on relationships- particularly when you’ve got babies/younger kids. It seemed to have struck a chord as I’ve had so many private emails in addition to the comments on my post. A lot you asked me similar questions, so here’s a quick recap:

➕ I make an effort once a week to have a date night. Not in a fancy restaurant, in our lounge room. I keep the kids up from their nap that day and put them to bed by 6.30pm. Every so often, my mum picks them up and takes them out for an hour or two if need be. Having a quiet dinner together once a week does wonders!

➕ Saturdays are our ‘end of week’ – as the husbo works six days. We love to unwind by having a drink together in the backyard and I make an effort to set up a kids play area/bring out old toys that they haven’t seen for a while so I know they’ll be entertained and we can sit back, listen to some music and watch them play. (There’s no place like home for us!)

➕ We love to try and greet daddy at the door when he walks in every day. We all get so excited when his car pulls up 🙈.

➕ Nothing makes my heart flutter more when my hubby sends me a random text message just to say hello/love you.

➕ we both go through phases of being super busy/tired and love to get out of the house on our own. So whether one of us takes the kids for a big drive or we head out on our own, making the effort to give each other that time out each is great for the soul!

➕ Value what each other does and TELL each other that you appreciate it every so often.

➕flick the phones on the weekend. Do you really need to take them to coffee or the park? I love deactivating my social media accounts on a weekend!

➕ Your love for yourself and your partner flows through the whole family. Keep it a priority. On the weekends, let the house chores slide for a bit and cuddle on the couch (even if it means there are little people climbing all over you!)

➕ Honour your anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. A dinner, a gift, a getaway. Give them some special attention. Not sure what to do? Think back to when you first met and the effort you’d put in.

➕ We’re all learning as we go. We’ve never done this parenting thing before. Respect that and realise that we all respond to certain things differently. Support each other’s decisions.

➕ PS – my hubby and I are definitely not perfect. I just love to share what I’ve learnt from having gone from a family of 2 to 5 within 19 months. I love asking for advice from my mum, in-laws (both married for almost four decades!) and close friends! My hubby will probably raise his eyebrows at me because he doesn’t like his photo on social media (opposites attract right 💁🏼) – but I think he’s pretty damn cute. Love you Benny Boo Boo Boo 😍😂💓