Stay Strong Mummy One of the greatest things my father taught me was to sit down at the end of each year and set some goals. I have been doing this for about ten years now and there is so much shiny satisfaction in achieving them. My husband and I now take about an hour on either Dec 31 or Jan 1 and write down our goals as a family and on our own. It’s like planting a seed and having direction for the year ahead. One of my personal goals this year was to get back some sort of fitness with my running. Four years ago I ran a full marathon and this year was to at least do a 10km race. I fulfilled that goal on July 6 at the Gold Coast airport marathon and smashed my PB by around 6mins. I felt strong and focused and for the first time as a runner, fast! I lapped up the feeling of glory and enjoyed the cloud 9 moment as I crossed the finish line. About an hour after I got home, my toddler walked over to me in her soccer shorts and tshirt. She had put her runners on and got my running hat and plonked it on her head. As I tried to keep a straight face, I asked her where she was going and she replied, oh I’m just going running, but I need your special watch. So I handed over my Garmin Forerunner GPS watch (amazeballs by the way!) and helped her put it on. She asked if we could go out in the front garden and I followed her lead. She took off running back and forth along the grass and would check her watch to make sure she was going fast enough. My heart exploded than and there. The euphoria of running with thousands of people that morning and the adrenalin of doing a PB seemed minute compared to feeling of love and proudness I felt in that instant. I wholeheartedly believe that if you want your kids to act or behave a certain way, to do certain things – then you need to be doing exactly that. It’s monkey see, monkey do. I think there is no greater saying in being a parent then to practice what you preach. Goals can define your success and motivate you to no end. I like to choose a health and fitness goal, personal, financial and family goal each year. Have you thought about your goals recently? Have you ever set a goal? Get your pen and paper out sista! Feel free to tell me what you’re feeling!