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CrossFit Babes Miami coach Revie Jane & Kimberley

From first hand experience I can tell you right now, doing solely cardio workouts will not give you that dream ‘yummy mummy’ figure you’re after. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve ran three half marathons and one full 42km marathon. I did it because I was hooked on the feeling of endurance racing at the time. My weight was maintained, I never lost weight during that training period. I didn’t look strong. I didn’t look toned. I actually looked rather drawn out, tired and aged. I never even thought of doing weights, because I was under the spell that weights make you bulky. Oh, how massively naive I was. For the last nine months I have been weight and strength training with short bursts of high intensity cardio and within a month, I noticed a difference. A big difference. Suddenly muscles were popping up when I was straightening my hair – must admit, I did show my husband my guns a few times here(!). My legs suddenly felt toned and my tummy, that had been stretched to its wits end, was feeling firmer and toned. I lost my post baby weight fairly easily, but (here’s a word I really don’t like), I felt ‘saggy!’ So even though it’s a great feeling to lose excess weight, it’s just as rewarding, if not more, to tone up those muscles and the only way I’ve found you can do that is through strength work and high intensity cardio. If you find cardio isn’t working well enough for you read this CoolSculpting guide it may be a good alternative.

Another big and helpful tip I can give is to look into CBD. I’ve been using CBD after my workouts and runs and it helps immensely! After hard excersise your body is tight and needs help winding down. That’s where the CBD comes in, CBD helps your muscles relax so you can recover faster. It also encourages healthier muscle growth during recovery since there is reduced tension. I would recommend order CBD creams at to help revitalize your skin.

Of course diet is key to producing lean, toned muscles as well. I do believe that abs are made in the kitchen! The weight and strength training part is integral, but it comes second. If your nutrition is focused around losing body fat, then by adding some light, fast weights and a little cardio to your exercise routine, you will be checking yourself out in the mirror with a proud as punch smile.

When I first started weight training, i joined CrossFit Babes Miami. I absolutely loved it! Unfortunately though, I slipped and fell on a wet spot on the ground and hurt myself pretty bad. The manager and the owner talked to me. They told me that the business had commercial general liability insurance so I had nothing to worry about and that I should go see the doctor. In the end I was fine, just a bit banged up from the fall, thankfully.

With the hubby working so much over the last few months, I had to put a hold on it and just do my own thing at home. I’m pretty excited to say though that I’m now training with Chase Conditioning, an affiliate of CrossFit Babes just twice a week (as I can take the kids along with me if I need to!)

My weekly exercise routine looks something like this as I head into 2015.

Monday: Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp. This is where I enjoy some me time and learn proper technique.

Tuesday: 15 minute strength workout at home (only equipment I use is a skipping rope, dumbbells and kettlebell)

Wednesday: Light walk or jog with a few sprints thrown in at the park.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp.

Saturday: 15 minute  strength workout at home if I feel like it or the kids are driving me cray!

Sunday: Rest.

Time to get strong mummy? Get onto some strength, high intensity cardio and weights. The long cardio sessions can infact weaken your muscles if you’re wanting to tone. If you can’t make it to a class or gym, then I’d invest in some dumbells as well as a kettlebell. You’ll get great results. Initially I only started with two sessions a week and had results!

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