In conjunction with Victoria Reihana and Kira Westwick, my goal is to help busy women and mums BLOSSOM through vibrant health, wellness and empowered lifestyles.
Over the past five years, I have personally connected with thousands of women looking to improve their health, wellness and fitness, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. In speaking with these beautiful souls and through countless messages, it has been hard to ignore the fact that so many mums out there are also looking for ‘something’ beyond the food and fitness.
They’re seeking something deeper. Some know exactly what that ‘something is’ – others are unsure, but know they ‘feel’ it. There’s a common inner voice that prevails in each of their messages – one that says they’re feeling a little lost within themselves, lost in self-confidence, lost in the demands of motherhood and lost in a consistent fog. Additionally, they’re craving more financial freedom.  Freedom to go on that date night more often, freedom to go the hairdresser without guilt, freedom to get to that Yoga class or indulge in that gym membership, travel more or reach for that extraordinary life.  All in all, they’re seeking a freedom lifestyle.
And that right there lights a flame within me that I can’t ignore. And it’s the reason, Project Blossom is here.
It’s an opportunity for women to launch their own side hustle from home, with a proven system that breeds success, and combines a love of health and wellness, community and financial freedom. And, we’re here to help you do it.
If you’re interested in being part of a movement that inspires health and wellness in the community, a team that empowers each other and encourages you step into greatness – a tribe that is collectively on a mission to support and help you create a freedom lifestyle – then this is your time to blossom.
We are looking for self-driven, motivated women who are ready to link arms with us and get their entrepreneurial hustle on. If you feel the flame starting to burn and the warmth of our uplifting community welcoming you, please contact either myself or Victoria for further information.
Are you ready to blossom?
Come flourish with us, mama.
Kimberley – [email protected]
Victoria – [email protected]