Right, so Project Blossom has got your attention and you’re keen to find out more … (we’re so excited for you!) We’ve had sooooooo many messages from mums all over the globe wanting to delve a little deeper into the ‘HOW’ of Project Blossom, so here’s a little more info.

So, how can YOU create an abundant lifestyle and more financial freedom from Project Blossom? How can you kick off that ultimate side hustle to fulfill that lingering feeling of wanting ‘something else’? How can you spend more time at home with your kids, have more freedom of choice, travel, live an extraordinary life, head to that Yoga class or hairdresser appointment without feeling guilty for taking the cash out of the family budget? Well lovely, Project Blossom offers you the opportunity to achieve those goals, while being part of one insanely beautiful community.

By joining Project Blossom, you’re linking arms with a flourishing team of mums who are collectively on a mission to reach similar goals by simply sharing our globally renowned health and wellness program and its wholefood nutritional support products – in a fun, light-hearted and authentic way. Before you read any further though – there are some common traits that form the pre-requisites of our team – you must be self-driven, passionate about living a balanced healthy lifestyle and be able to dedicate around two hours a week of additional work from home (and by work, I initially mean – group mum chats, online team training and whole lot of lol’s with our team!)

For more information about our beautiful and life-changing program and the wholefood nutritional support products that go with it – Grab a cuppa and raw bliss ball, put your head phones on and click on this link: https://youtu.be/0xlsPppNwuE

Right, so I know what you’re thinking….. um, do I have to sell this to my friends through awkward conversations (cringe), do I have to be that person on social media taking 10,000 selfies with our products (please, don’t… shudder!), do i have to be a fitness trainer or health coach (absolutely not!), do I have to have a large social media following (90% of people in this community don’t – in fact some of the most successful members of this community have created financial freedom with less than 80 friends on Facebook!)

While the majority of this business is run and taught online, it’s important to understand, that it’s also about real people, real life connections and opening up your heart to welcoming new friends into your life who share a similar passion in wellness. There’s no hard-selling in it. It’s just not #onpoint with the Project Blossom vibe. And, we’re fussy with stuff like that. Very fussy. We share an incredible online health and wellness program + products. Share, not sell.

Ok, so you’re still reading …….. (you’re feeling the fire slowly igniting – eek, that gets us so excited for you!), well even though that drive and motivation is surfacing – we’re guessing the words ‘direct selling’ or ‘network marketing’ are looming in the back of your mind? It’s no secret there’s a stigma around those words, let’s face it – the industry had a bad reputation many years ago, and for good reason. But with the increasing popularity of social media and a shift in the way consumers are buying their products and services in this day and age – network marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and has gained tremendous credibility in recent years with things being done very differently.

Consumers aren’t buying into flashy advertisements or fancy shop fronts anymore, they’re chasing reviews, ratings, testimonials and word of mouth recommendations – they want to know what others are saying and doing before they let go of their hard earned cash. We’re on Facebook constantly giving business, products and services a ‘like’, a ‘review’ or asking for more information. Cue*….. networking marketing. Clever stuff, right?!

What’s important to recognise is that consumers don’t always want to receive recommendations from ‘celebrities’ – they want to hear it from every day people. People that they trust and can connect with. With the realm of the online world, we’re all marketers. The key to transitioning that interest and turning it into a side hustle for yourself, is knowing how to strategically communicate. And that’s where Project Blossom comes in to hold your hand and empower you to reach more financial independence (with no awkward moments, like – ever).

Through proven systems and processes, guides and ‘how to’s’ – there’s really no guess work to this project and the profession. We’ve got your back, sista. We hold your hand every step of the way!

This project is all about having your heart in the right place. Project Blossom is selective in its team members and while we’re open to an array of personalities and encourage different voices and connections – we can only partner with self-driven, teachable, motivated women who are genuinely passionate about inspiring REAL family health and wellness and are excited to be part of a movement who has a vision to create optimum health, abundant lifestyles and more financial freedom.

Beware though, there’s a stack of self-development, empowerment, confidence, fun and laughter #loveagoodmumjoke in our squad. That’s a given.

Ready to blossom?

Contact the gorgeous Project Blossom Ambassador who sent you this link to find out more x