I’ve had a lot of emails lately from mummy’s who have said i’ve inspired them to start getting their health and fitness back, but they’re too self conscious to join a group or workout in a public place, like a park with their kids. Whether it’s feelings of inadequacy, feeling too overweight, too scared you might fail or that you become too anxious knowing that people are watching you – I GET IT! And guess what, even though you think you are the only person on the planet feeling the way you do….. you are WRONG! This has to be the most common setback to health and fitness and that is FEAR! For seniors with swollen feet, one of the best management practices is to avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes, which could cause worse problems like fractures, foot ulcers, and disability. Rather, shoes for swollen feet that adjust easily to expanding feet volume are highly recommended. When we live too much in fear, it steals us of our love and in particular, our self love. Here’s a few points that may push you to work through that fear once and for all!

✔️ choose your company wisely. Surround yourself (in person and online) with people who motivate and support you
✔️ choose your conversations wisely. Communicate daily with people who encourage and uplift you and in return, make sure you offer such support back.
✔️ when you’re feeling nervous and anxious about diving into a challenge (which might just be a workout in a public place), concentrate on your breathing. You’ll be holding your breath or it’ll be speeding up, your pulse will be going a million mile an hour and you’ll feel yourself getting hot and panicky. Stop! Pull yourself up and take ten long, slow deep breaths and then dive straight into it, don’t allow yourself the time to talk yourself out of it! Usually if you can jump into those moments of fear – the best results and opportunities arise!
✔️ when I’m questioning myself, I stop and ask myself – what advice would I give my children if they were in the same situation? That’s usually the answer to your own question or concern!
✔️ when I’m working out at the park, I don’t start jumping around in the centre of the swings.  I find a private area and put my music on. Tell yourself, I CAN do this. Usually, when all of those negative thoughts pop into your mind that people are watching you and talking about you – are exactly that, ALL in YOUR mind. Don’t let your ego run your race, push those thoughts to the side, smile at any strangers, take your big breaths and get moving! You’ll probably feel great for a few moments and then those negative thoughts will try and jump back in – push them aside again, take your breaths and keep going!!! It doesn’t matter if you have to do this 20 times during your workout!! Tackle this mental battle head on! Once you’ve stuck to pushing that ego and those thoughts to the side and focused on YOU and your workout a couple of times – you will notice the negative ones getting less and less until they don’t exist anymore!
✔️acknowledge the negative thoughts and release them. By releasing them I mean – become aware that they are there, but pull yourself up right away (rather then letting them snowball out of control and build thought upon thought). Just say ‘there’s another one, I’m going to take ten deep breaths and sweep it aside’ and say to yourself ‘I don’t have time for negativity anymore, I’m a strong mummy and I’m not giving in to them anymore!’ You might feel like a crazy woman having all of these conversations in your head – but trust me, the negative ones will diminish if you practice this technique! It’s like you’ve got a little broom in your mind and every time one comes, pull yourself up and sweep it away.
✔️ if people are watching you – don’t stop! They are usually applauding your determination! If they aren’t, well who gives a damn? You don’t know them, don’t waste your energy on the judgmental people of the world! You’re trying to build up your energy and that doesn’t only come from working out, it comes from within you! Stop letting others drain you of it – especially people you don’t even know!
✔️ encourage others! What we put out, we get back! If you see a random person out walking or working out smile at them, give them a nodd, say ‘wow, what great dedication! Or, good job!’ They may or may not acknowledge you, it doesn’t matter! You will have made their day and they’ll think about your comment for the rest of their day!
✔️ get involved in online support. Talk to me and other mums on my page, there are plenty of us out there! If I don’t write back, it’s not because I don’t want to! I miss a lot of comments or simply can’t get back to everyone – but there is an awesome community of mums on my pages now, help each other out too! One photo, one comment, one video can change your attitude in an instant! Connect with like-minded people who make YOU feel good about YOU!
✔️workout in whatever damn clothes you want. If you don’t want to wear shoes, don’t! If you want to wear your PJ’s – who cares!! Whatever is cool and comfortable and allows you to move is just perfect! If certain clothes make you feel self-conscious – TOSS them, don’t even allow them into your space!
✔️ you want your children to be empowered, confident, healthy and happy? They will look at you and your relationship with yourself. Don’t have time for it? Then MAKE time! 15 minutes a few times a week HAS a massive impact!
✔️it’s not as hard as your mind is making it out to be! Where do you start? get to a workout and once you’re finished it, I promise you that feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction and strength will be your answer!

In strength,

Kimberley x