Most of you know that I’m pretty conscious about what I fuel my body with. I stick to a clean diet rich in whole foods 80-90% of the time, I take my phytoceramides supplement, since it is very beneficial to my skin as it promotes its natural hydration, and like to steer clear of too many chemicals, additives or preservatives. Not only do I see that as a way to prevent disease and illness, I see the food that we eat as energy that fuels the health of our physical bodies and emotional health.

I made the decision a few months ago to really  take a good look at the chemicals also found in my makeup and skincare range, once and for all. I guess i’ve always known that they were loaded with chemicals – but to be honest, i’ve never really found the right products to replace them and give me the same results. Some of the cleansers i’ve tried did leave me smelling oh-so sweet, but i’d still have a layer of foundation on when i got out of the shower. Some of the foundations were ok – but i felt like i needed to apply them five times a day to get the right coverage. Some of the treatment masks were exciting, until one actually left my skin so itchy and almost burnt – i really did question the so called ‘natural’ ingredients in them.

I guess i’ve also always put my ‘beauty’ regime at the end of my to do list as a busy mum. I don’t get regular facials or do treatments and masks every week – as much as i’d like to. The last thing i think of after i’ve got the kids to bed is my skin. But…….. there’s been something within me lately that has been whispering to me- it’s time to take your skin seriously, Kimberley! It may possibly be because i’m suddenly looking in the mirror and noticing the ever increasing wrinkles …. and also still dealing with ‘breakouts’ like a teenager – in my mid 30’s! I feel like the last few years of being a busy mama has caught up with my skin and ‘aged’ me a fair bit. I know it’s all part in parcel of life, but that little niggling flame within me said it was time to get my investigator hat on again and suss out a new skincare range, I suggest to pop over to these guys to find out the same information I was able to get. Apart from that, I highly suggest my readers to use some gentle face wash for tweens specially which can make you feel refresh after a quick face wash. I like to wash my face atleast 3 times a day.

So! To cut a long story short (i’m never really good at doing that, but i try!) I started chatting with the lovely ladies. They gave me a run down on the different brands available, the different products (check out how to take care of you microbladed brows for the eyebrow care) and also gave me the low-down on why you do need to be careful when buying natural products here in Australia – as companies don’t actually have to list every single ingredient in their products! Both Heidi and Sally started Cleanses Skincare to combat the confusion and provide a range of products that glowed with clean, natural and organic ingredients.

I’ve been using four of their products for just over a month now and with my hand on my heart – i can say that i’ve officially transitioned to the ‘clean’ skincare side!! And, my skin is thanking me for it big time!! Within just a few weeks, my skin feels so much fresher, vibrant and for the first time ever – glowing!

For the first week, i did have a few extra breakouts and i feel that it was the built up toxins releasing themselves from my skin – because since then, my skin has never felt clearer!! I’m writing this blog and it’s “that time of the month” – and for the first time in years i’m not dealing with ‘hard’ acne like spots on my neck or around my chin – which is generally a standard occurrence  every month, for a few days.
So – what i have been using so far?

1- CLEANSER; Cultivar’s Organic Turmeric and Vitamin C Cleanser
This cleanser is a gorgeous smelling oil that gets rid of foundation within moments! It’s an amazing formulation that leaves your skin feeling super clean, but not stripped of all the goodness (no tight face feeling here).

2 – MOISTURISER; Prada Lab Dewy Skin Hydrate & Glow lotion
This is probably my favourite product! I’ve always struggled with moisturisers either being too thick and creamy or being too light in texture – and making me feel like a shiny disco ball. While it is fairly light, it doesn’t give that super ‘shiny’ look. I use it morning and night.

3 – FOUNDATION; Ere Perez Oat Foundation
Ohhhh such a good find here! All of the other natural foundations i have tried are mineral powders. And while i know some people love them – i never quite found the right one! Plus, i felt like i made such a mess every time i wanted to quickly apply some foundation! So, when i saw this foundation was a liquid and still had a medium coverage – i couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Or, in it. You know what i mean. For the first week – i did actually think it didn’t give me enough coverage – but then, it’s like something clicked and i really applied it to well moisturised skin and it just sat really well, stayed on all day and i loved the more medium coverage look and feel of it! I also love this one because i feel as if it sits “on top” of my skin and not “in” all of the wrinkles! The next product i’m going to trial in a few weeks is a natural powder – because i do still need a little touch up on my forehead with this foundation.

Oat Milk Foundation

4 – SPOT TREATMENT; Cultivar’s Anti-acne treatment
I’m swearing by this stuff for my spots!!! I apply a little at night on the break out areas and seriously – i can’t speak highly enough of it! It does have quite a rich smell, so you only need a tiny bit. But since i’ve been using it; i honestly haven’t had any spots come up!!!! No joke! Get on this baby if you’re like me and dealing with breakouts!

I had a photo shoot done a few weeks ago with Vicky for a super exciting project we are working on. I ditched any professional makeup artists and felt confident with my skin and wearing the foundation on the shoot. I’m wearing it in all of these photos…. such a professional model eh?

That’s my skincare wrap for the time being. Over and out, Kimberley x