As a mother of three very active children, I’m always beaming with excitement when my little crew want to try something ‘new’ when it comes to sport. I know first hand how physical activity improves my health and wellbeing, so it’s only natural that I’m passionate about wanting my kids to enjoy that feeling too.

Over the past few years, every time the kids have heard about a sport or seen something new, they’ve wanted to give it a try. I love that! Some of those sports have lasted one lesson, others a few weeks, others maybe a year or so. Like anything new as a kid, the activity needs to keep them interested, having fun, learning and interacting with others – in essence, just like us, I guess they need to connect with the sport on an emotional and physical level for it to last. Those connections can’t be pushed, I personally feel they must organically surface and your kids’ passions for physical activity will shine through when it’s ready.

I’m writing this blog  because  the twins have recently completed their first term of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program and I’m excited to share a little more about it – because simply put, it has been so beautiful to sit back and watch their first true sporting passion surface.

We’ve just signed up for another term of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program – and my oldest daughter and nephew will now also be joining the twins. (The kids all enjoyed a few days at the tennis school holiday day camp over the Christmas break and well, they’re all officially hooked on the sport!) We’ve even got a mini court set up in the backyard (apparently I’m not allowed to play because I don’t have my tennis shuffle and happy feet down pat).

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program has given them a sense of independence, I see their little faces light up when they take that first step on the court – the smiles, the laughter, the interaction with the coach and other players – it’s phenomenal to watch as a parent. Then when the lesson gets underway, it’s pure magic to see their little competitive spirits surface. I’ll admit, at first I thought tennis was just about hitting a ball, but they (and I) have learnt it’s so much more – the ongoing challenges improve their agility, balance, co-ordination, social skills and strength. And, while they were challenged – they are having FUN in every single lesson.

Confidence is a big thing as a kid. I believe kids learn and blossom through positive enforcement. And that’s one of the main reasons my tribe have been keen to keep coming back for more. Whether they hit the ball or don’t – they feel confident. That comes down to the amazing coaches available across Australia. The modified courts, lowered nets and low compression balls (that don’t bounce too high) ensure the kids feel comfortable and their goals are within reach. The coaches really help them, every step of the way.

So to all of the mums that have messaged me about tennis in general and what I thought of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program, I can highly recommend giving it a go! It’s such a great sport on so many levels and what I love is that any level can join and they take kids from 3 years of age!

For further information, visit https://hotshots.tennis.com.au/