In conjunction with Kira Westwick, Victoria and I have have once again partnered with the Juicy Body Transformation Program (JBT) to bring you an exciting (and oh so delicious!) wholefoods focused lifestyle program designed to improve your (and your family’s!) health, vitality, fitness and well-being!

Through this program, we wanted to bring you a gentle guide that assists you to create healthy and enjoyable habits that  you’ll want to sustain, for life. This program specifically focuses on HEALTH principles, because when we are healthy everything else naturally falls into place! If you need to lose weight, you will lose weight. If you need to gain weight, you will gain it. Achieving your natural weight set point, living with vitality and energy, glowing clear skin, shiny hair and strong nails are all side effects of gaining optimum health!




What does the program include?

✔ Your Steps to Success

✔ Optional Gourmet Cleanse

✔ Your JBT Transformation Eating Guide

✔ Your Transformation Recipes for Success (Over 200+ recipes)

✔ Meal Plans (including family meal plan)

✔ Shopping List

✔ Food, Exercise & Gratitude Journal

✔ 30-Day Self Love Guide

✔ Measurements Recorder (if you’re looking to lose weight) and Goal Setting

✔Kids Wholefoods EBook (Lunch box inspiration covered!)

✔8 Week Challenge Guide (daily exercise guide)

✔Nutritional Support Supplements delivered to your door

✔Lifetime Access to an online support group

We tailor each program to suit YOU and you can access all of the above for as little as $12 per week!

For further information, contact your Project Blossom Ambassador or drop me a line at [email protected]