The JBT Lifestyle Transformation Program is an online health and fitness program designed to improve your (and your family’s!) health, vitality, energy, fitness and well-being!

Through this program, we wanted to bring you a nourishing guide that assists you to create healthy and enjoyable habits that  you’ll want to sustain, for life. This program specifically focuses on HEALTH principles, because when we are healthy everything else naturally falls into place, so it give the best routines exercises and a complete supplement guide to improve your physical performance, which make a fantastic read for anyone wanting to improve their body.

Within the program, we have a series of guides to meet you where you’re at. The 8 Week Shred Challenge is perfect for those wishing to accelerate a fat-loss journey, strengthen and tone up. The Gourmet Cleanse is a beautiful option for those wishing to detox over a few days or a week, the Lifestyle Transformation guide is regarded as a ‘bible’ for people wanting to ramp up their nutrition and introduce more clean, wholefoods into their diets, the Kids Wholefoods Recipe Guide is perfect for families – and our 6 Week Strength Body Transformation is perfect for those wishing to ramp up their training!  You get access to every guide – to meet you at every stage of life.

One thing we don’t compromise on is TASTE! This program brings deliciousness to healthy eating and all of our recipes have been crafted by a Top Ten Masterchef Contestant (you won’t find boiled chicken and raw broccoli in sight!) We embrace clean, wholefoods in this program, while also using supplements from sites as to help with health and relaxation. Eating foods as close to their natural state as possible – without harmful additives and chemicals is key to get your body back to its natural ‘working’ state (and your mind!). We have an abundance of recipes for you that are quick, affordable, easy and taste AMAZING and we take great pride in educating you along the way.

Guides within our program (you get the lot!)

✔ Your Steps to Success Guide

✔ Gourmet Cleanse

✔ JBT Transformation Wholefoods Eating Guide

✔ Your Transformation Recipes for Success (Over 200+ recipes)

✔ Meal Plans (including family meal plan)

✔ Shopping List

✔ Food, Exercise & Gratitude Journal

✔ 30-Day Self Love Guide

✔ Measurements Recorder (if you’re looking to lose weight) and Goal Setting

✔Kids Wholefoods EBook (Lunch box inspiration covered!)

✔8 Week Shred Challenge Guide

✔Wholefood Nutritional Support Supplements delivered to your door (choose from vegan superfood protein, vegan omegas or fruit+veg capsules).

✔ Body Transformation Strength Guide (home or gym)

✔ 4 Week Home Workout Fitness Plan

✔Lifetime Access to an incredibly empowering online support group

Your Project Blossom Ambassador and myself will work with you one on one to identify your health and fitness goals and advise you on where to start in our program.  Prices start from as little as $12 per week and we have monthly payment plans available.

For further information, please contact your Project Blossom Ambassador.