Is coffee good for me?


Is coffee good for me?

A common question that gets asked in my online customer health group is “what is your opinion on coffee?”

Is it healthy? Is it unhealthy? How much should I have and so on….

It’s no secret that both Victoria and I are coffee lovers! It’s a daily ritual that we both adore and look forward to, each day.

A little bit of coffee trivia states an estimated 400 billion cups are consumed yearly around the world. Australia ranks 28 in the top 50 countries for world coffee consumption. Finland is ranked number 1 consumers of coffee!

I asked Victoria (IIN Health & Food Coach) to delve into the coffee world for us all and answer some common questions around those little cups of liquid gold.

Here’s what she had to say;

Can coffee help you lose weight?

Research shows that just one cup of coffee can increase your metabolism up to 4% helping you burn more calories, but before you get too excited this increase is mostly effective when you are not overweight to start with. Coffee has compounds that can help reduce the absorption of fat. It is also said to help reduce your appetite! A shot of black coffee before a workout can also stimulate fat loss as it  assists the body use fat as an energy source instead of glycogen stores.

 Can coffee sabotage my fat loss results?

This can greatly depend on how you drink your coffee and how much you drink! If you are trying to lean up,  we recommend in the Stay Strong Mummy Fitness Plan to swap the standard milky cappuccino for a long black or a non-sweetened almond milk latte. If you’re consuming more than a few shots of coffee a day you may be more susceptible to increasing the stress hormone cortisol, which makes it very hard for your body to burn body fat, especially around the stomach.

Is coffee unhealthy for me?

We are true believer’s in bio-individuality; what may be good for one person may not be good for another. For some coffee lovers, caffeine has little or no effect at all. My husband can have a cup of brew before bed and fall straight to sleep! While others, like me, have to restrict intake to the earlier part of the day otherwise i’ll find myself still counting sheep at midnight!

Other common side effects of caffeine are heart palpitations, increased anxiety and altered hormonal balance. Coffee can also be taxing on the liver, making it hard for the body to eliminate toxins from the body.

Tune in –

Tune into your morning cup of coffee. Ask your self do I feel energised and alert, or anxious and tired?

Does it help me concentrate? Or am I more scattered and less focused?

Am I always tired but can’t get to sleep?

Some may find 1-2 cups a day is perfect for them. While others know having more than 1 or 2 can send them over the edge!

Whether you like your coffee long, short, black or white – take your time to enjoy it and remember moderation is the key.

(For me personally (Kimberley), I enjoy a almond or coconut milk latte in the morning and a half strength long black in the afternoon. Ditch the sugars, syrups and skim milk!)

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