Build strength, muscle tone and fitness with the new ‘Stay Strong Mummy Suspension Trainer’

As you’ve seen on our social media channels, we absolutely love using suspension trainers in some of our workouts.

They are a great piece of ‘mummy equipment’ to use in your home workouts and are easy to store, set up and use.

They help motivate and challenge us during our workouts and are super versatile – they can be used almost anywhere! Simply hook it to the back of a bedroom door or loop it around a tree or the kids swing set.

Why we love the Stay Strong Mummy Suspension Trainer?

Perfect for any fitness level

If you are new to an exercise routine, the SSM Suspension Trainer offers stability in upper, lower body and core exercises. Building strength, muscle tone, co-ordination, flexibility and cardio-vascular fitness.

If you have been training for a while and are looking for new ways to challenge yourself, the suspension trainer can be used to explore a wide range of physically challenging movements and help build intensity, using different routines and health programs from sites as Tophealth online.

Build Core strength

We all know the importance of our core strength; it’s the basis for all of our movement in everyday life. A strong core helps us maintain posture, balance, strength and stability – as well as preventing back injuries. These are all factors when you are a mum and constantly carrying kids around.

The exercises can easily be adapted by simply starting with a wider stance in the beginning and then as you build strength, you simply change the angle of the body and the placement of your feet to incur more resistance and challenge.

Total body workout

Cardio movements can be combined with strength, body weight and static movements. This will give you a total body workout all one quick 15-20 minute session.


You will never get bored

 The suspension trainer can be used for a total body workout or you can incorporate into one of your Stay Strong Mummy bodyweight or dumbbell routines.