If I had a dollar for every person that has asked me this question, I’d be on a plane to Mexico sipping a clean version of sangria right now. HOW.DO.YOU.FIND.THE.TIME? I can barely get myself out of the house in the morning, they say! Where do you get your motivation? It’s just too hard etc etc. Ladies, stop right there! I may not be able to walk into your house and drag you outside for a quick workout, but I can offer some advice if you are finding it hard to find the time to spend 15 minutes doing some exercise. MAKE YOUR OWN PLAN. I’m the first to admit that every day doesn’t always go to plan, but sticking to a plan for a few weeks, the bulk of the days always work! Having a routine and plan is vital if you want to start having more you time and adding some exercise into your day. I also find it just helps with juggling the work/family/chores/socialising balance that most of us strive for. Even if you say you aren’t one for routine – listen up! Do you have breakfast, lunch and dinner at a similar time each day? I’m pretty sure you do. I’m also fairly certain that you brush your teeth at the same time each day, you shower at the same time, you have a coffee at the same time.  That my dear friend, is routine. And it’s so routine to you, that you don’t even notice it. Your baby will thrive on routine because they love knowing what’s coming next. Write down your day, from every feed, to bath, to play time. There are 24 hours in a day, if you can’t find 15 minutes in it – you’re lying. I know mums that work 8 hour days and run their own businesses and find the time. I consider myself lucky to be a Stay at Home mum, here’s an insight into my day.

5.30am to 8am – Babies wake, milk, breakfast, nappies, dressing, make beds, prepare lunch for my toddler if it’s a kindy day. Then, get myself ready.

8.30am to 10am – This is our time out of the house, coffee catch ups, park, shops.

10.30am to 11.30am – Home for lunch. My babes have one early lunch at 11am and another in the afternoon. I will sometimes give them lunch outside and put some music on, toys around and do a 15-20min workout beside them.

12pm – It’s bedtime for all.

12.30pm – If I didn’t get a workout in that morning, this is when I do it. It’s then household chores, lunch and time to cook dinner for that evening.

2.30pm – When the babies wake, it’s afternoon tea. This is my time to just sit and play with my babes in the lounge room. Read, draw, listen to music, dance!

4pm – It’s bath time for all three. Unless I have a particularly messy dinner planned, I bath before dinner so I’m not left rushing around when my husband gets home.

5pm – Dinner for the kids.

6pm – Milk for the kids and this is when my husband gets home.

7pm – Bed for all the kids
Usually around lunch time my mother rings and tells me to sleep when the babies sleep. That concept did work for me in the first 8 weeks of having the bubs, but now I actually feel more tired if I lay down at lunch time with them. I use those few hours to get on top of the household duties, book work for our shop, squeeze in a workout if I didn’t do anything that morning and cook our dinner for that night. There is something so invigorating for me to have most of my chores done by the time the babes wake up. Number one – it allows me to be completely present with them for the afternoon as everything is done and number 2 – after a hard day at work, my husband can walk in and we can all sit in the lounge room and enjoy family time. I know the only thing I have to do is heat dinner up. Call me old fashioned if you will, but I guess it’s something I’ve taken from my mother – organisation is the key. My little goal each day is to have the babes bathed and while they are still young, fed before daddy gets home at 6pm. Everyone is more relaxed and rather than dealing with witching hour, we lay on the floor with our babes and just play before their bed time. Can I please insert a big RED FLAG WARNING notice right here – I do understand that not every day will run smoothly. Whether it’s sickness, teething or just feeling unsettled, I often have two screaming infants and a toddler hanging off me on our “off” days… and on those days, I benefit even more from getting everyone outside and when I have time I like to relax. We go in the pram, or on the scooter, put the music on and take some snacks – I workout or just go for a walk. There is something calming about the outdoors and fresh air. If that fails, we all load up in the car, I grab a smoothie and its off for a little drive. If that fails again, we all sit on the floor and cry together. No joke. It’s happened several times. If I’ve really had a rough night with the kids being sick, my priority for the following day is to rest, eat and drink loads of water. The days can be stressful, but it’s how you deal with that stress that counts. Turn it into fuel to make a change and do something positive (right after you’ve taken a deep breath and said, i can do this!).

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