I’ve done several media interviews today answering  questions on the Australian Government’s new ‘No Time for Never’ campaign that is putting a spotlight on health and fitness for Australians and in particular, busy mums. The main question I got asked today was HOW. HOW do busy mums find the time to exercise? HOW do you find the energy. HOW do you do it with kids?
I’ve been spreading these messages for 18 months, because I know first-hand how exercise, diet and the associated emotional wellbeing has helped me on my journey of being a mum to three kids within 19 months. None of this is new! I guess sometimes, we relate and connect with different people and I feel honoured that you guys like to hear it from me and that the media chose little old StayStrongMummy (who was dressed in her PJ’s making the kids breakfast while doing most of the interviews!) to comment.
Here are my personal tips once again on how to get moving:
✔️ HIIT (high intensity interval training is a great place to start. Can be done anywhere, anytime, no equipment!)
✔️ I do 3-4 HIIT workouts that are around 15 mins at home each week. When I started, I did two a week.
✔️ Set yourself a goal of getting those workouts in each week (2,3,4 sessions- whatever is realistic for you!). Think outside the square to implement them – do them when the kids take a nap, set your alarm to wake up before them, eat dinner later one evening and sneak outside, do it in your lounge room when the kids watch TV, do it at the park while your kids play or in your backyard before bath time. It’s 15 mins!
✔️ If you prefer a gym or fitness group, do it!
✔️ Have a routine and some structure in your day but get comfortable with the fact that not every day will go to plan with kids
✔️ When things don’t go your way, don’t throw in the towel straight away. Try again tomorrow. Some weeks flow effortlessly and others are a bit more of challenge. That’s ok!
✔️ Lose the ‘all or nothing’ approach – when you have little, realistic goals each week, you’ll achieve them. They are more manageable and you’ll be more consistent. With consistency, you’ll feel the benefits of exercise.
✔️ Exercise is excellent for physical health, but it’s just as important for mental and emotional health. It helps me deal with broken sleep, increases my energy levels, improves my mood and patience and makes me a happier mummy and wife!
✔️ I don’t have a ‘perfect’ balance in all of this. Some days work for me, others I run around like a crazy woman trying to stop my twins from climbing on the kitchen bench or pouring yoghurt on the floor. It’s just about doing the best that you can. Push yourself a little but don’t punish yourself.
*while my photos and comments were used in the media today surrounding this campaign, I am not associated with it. Everything I document here is based on my first-hand experience. You can read about the movement on the Health Ministers website here