As I was scrolling through social media earlier today, I was amazed by how many people are selling supplements, promoting quick fix diets, kicking off extreme fitness plans and showcasing the latest weightloss products. I guess it’s all part of the New Years resolution plans and an attempt to make $$ – but I felt so drained reading about it all!! No wonder so many people just put ‘health and fitness’ into the ‘too hard’ basket – it’s confusing!!

Maybe I’m adding to the confusion? But as a busy mum to three kids within 19 months, including twins – as a girl who spent most of her teens always on a ‘diet’ – as someone who has done calorie counting, low fat, no carb, weightloss shakes, supplements, diet teas and whatever else was around, as someone who knew many girls with eating disorders growing up- as someone who was 10kg heavier than I am now for most of my 20’s – as someone who gained 26 kg during my twin pregnancy – as someone who used to flog herself with long, punishing runs and workouts five days a week and never got results – as someone who FINALLY jumped off that rollercoaster ride two years ago – here’s my ‘cut the [email protected]’ quick tips on how to live, feel and glow with health, vitality, energy, fitness and strength, not just in the New Year – but all year round:


➕ Eat foods that have no, or low, human intervention. Pita is a great example of this and you know, franchises are not even expensive to start you can learn more about a pita pit franchise cost here. Chemicals, preservatives, additives and ‘numbers’ don’t belong in your body and create havoc – physically and emotionally. I believe in doing this 80-90% of the time. These are known as ‘clean foods’
➕ Yes you DO HAVE TIME to prepare nourishing food for yourself. It’s your FUEL and your ENERGY. You can cook from SCRATCH. If not, LEARN.
➕ Eating real FOOD is not too expensive. As a family of five and running a small business, I budget my grocery bill every week to the last cent. I cannot believe how expensive commercial and sugar-infused ‘every day’ packet foods are. Once you find your flow with ‘clean’ eating, it’s actually very cost effective for a family. The bulk of my shop is done online every week. You do need to plan and have structure to your week with a young family. Call me old fashioned, but I get so much satisfaction from cooking REAL food for my husband and kids. It’s a nourishing act of love.
➕ Learn how to exercise to ENERGISE your body and reap the benefits of lower body fat (not nessarily lower weight), increased muscle, bone density and strength. And ditch the cigarettes for I am actually considering starting my own vaping franchise.
➕ Plenty of info, ideas and encouragement on my blog and social media channels on exercise. I workout for 15 mins at a time, 3-4 times a week. It’s all about intensity/quality workouts.
➕ Drink minimum 2L water per day
➕ Rest your body when it shows signs and don’t beat yourself up for that. A week or two is generally plenty, have a goal to kick-start it back up again.
➕ Yes, you can get an abundance of nutrients from food. Our great grandmothers did just fine. Mainly because they just ate real food with an occasional treat.
➕ I do believe our bodies need to enjoy a treat now and again. I don’t call them ‘cheat meals’ because there’s no need to see it as a negative. I love pizza with my family and a glass of wine. A like a treat meal once or twice a week – not an entire day or week.
➕ I consume lean proteins, quality fats, nature’s carbohydrates (fruit and starchy veg), some quality wholegrains, water, coffee, a nice wine and clean pantry staples (cacao, coconut flour, pure maple syrup, natural yoghurt etc). Refined sugar gives me anxiety and I really only have it on special occasions like a birthday.
➕ Clean and sweet treats are still TREATS. If weightloss is a goal, an entire clean cheesecake every day isn’t ideal. They are still treats.
➕ A lot of people hold on to excess weight due to stress and emotional barriers. Learn the art of meditation, take that Yoga class, get someone to help you ‘release’ that clutter that’s constantly playing on your mind. Emotional freedom = glowing health.

➕ Exercise is also a wonderful form of stress relief. It helps me deal with broken sleep, patience, moods, energy and really gives me a natural high after every workout!
➕ Focus on how health and fitness makes you FEEL, not just LOOK. Learn to love yourself and treat your body with respect and nourish it. When you do that, you usually end up getting the physical results you may have longed for anyway. I am not an elite athlete or a”super fit” human – i’m not a personal trainer or nutritionist. I document my journey to share my first hand experiences with other mums. It’s a gift for me to pass it along.

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Have faith and confidence in your ability and your body. Do your research, arm yourself with info, make sure you enjoy your food and exercise, make sure it works for you and your family. It’s a blessing, not a chore.