This post was set to be another round of my home workouts, but I’ve had a niggling urge all week to write something a little more personal, so I’m listening to my instinct and as the title suggests, I’m going within.

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The majority of my social media posts are focused on health and fitness. They are both industries that I’m genuinely passionate about and help me operate as a wife and mummy. But I want to delve a little deeper with you this week and touch on an area that us women seem to experience more so than men and that is ’emotions’ – and how intertwined they are with food, exercise and overall wellbeing.

My yoga teacher often repeats this quote: Your relationship with yourself is a reflection of your relationship with others – and I couldn’t agree more. The more you can love yourself, the more benefit you are to your family, friends and the wider community.

In this day and age, we tend to focus on the physicality of ourselves and others – but I’m a firm believer that true strength lays within our inner peace and self love – first and foremost. I found this out initially through my yoga study and it’s something I like to remind myself of every day. I’ve often said that it’s pointless exercising if you don’t have your nutrition right – well, I’m going a step further and saying that to get your eating and nutrition right – you need to learn how to manage your emotions and any anxiety or stress that comes with them, this is one of the reasons why choosing a butane extractor was the best option for me, I decided to give cannabis a try, simply because I had heard great thing about cannabis helping with anxiety.

I’ve seen people eat well and exercise well, but until they breakdown emotional walls that have built up – they tend to hold on to excess weight, digestive, skin problems, illness etc. Have you noticed when watching shows like the Biggest Loser – that the key turning point for all of the contestants is when they finally come to terms with their emotions – whether it’s a certain incident in their lives or a series of little things that have built up over time – when it comes to the surface and is dealt with and they know how to manage it for the future – they suddenly hit their goal weight or smash a fitness goal.

One of the greatest gifts I learnt from my yoga practice is to learn the art of managing stress. As much as we would love a stress-free life, it’s just not going to happen. But if you learn how to deal with stressful situations and put coping mechanisms in place, you will learn how to manage it the most healthy way you know how.

For me – yoga, meditation, my husband, family support, exercise and eating well are my coping mechanisms. Sometimes we need to speak to others to find that place of learning – a naturopath, a particular friend or family member that has been in a similar situation, a counsellor, a Yoga teacher. Trust your gut. It’s always right. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’.

Sometimes we can’t work out why we feel anxious, emotional or even depressed – and that can sometimes trigger even more unwanted feelings as you just can’t pinpoint a certain reason for your rollercoaster of emotions. That’s when it’s great to talk to someone else, sometimes hearing reasons and explanations from others can put things into perspective for you.

Once you start working on your emotional health, it’s a great time to implement clean eating and rid your body of toxins and chemicals and give it a break. If you stick to it for a month, you’ll start to notice that when you do eat processed foods, your body (and mind) won’t like it. I find that when I eat sugar, I get feelings of anxiety. When I eat heavy grains and dairy, I feel sluggish and tired and lose my patience really quickly. Now and again, that’s ok. But I’ve learnt how certain foods can trigger my emotions and I love feeling healthy and happy every day – not just some days. Recognise your emotions, recognise how intertwined they are with food and take your nutrition, emotional state and then exercise to the next level.

So to finish up, I guess I just wanted to clarify in this post – that although I try to inspire fellow mummy’s and women with all things health and fitness – self love and a calmness from within must be found and worked on daily for optimum results with your diet and exercise. If you feel you could work on your relationship with yourself, look around you and find a place or person that will assist in teaching you how to work on loving yourself. It’s not as hard as your mind is making it out to be.

Every time I workout, I feel as if an emotional layer has been peeled away – and I’m back to my core place of peacefulness and calmness. Those things help me as a mum. The days can long, tiring, frustrating but also fun, exciting and filled with love – we go up and down and round and round, so it’s natural to feel a little ‘scattered’ at times.

I just wanted to remind you, that YOU are enough, YOU have enough, YOU are one amazing mummy.

Next time you’re looking in the mirror – practice saying to yourself three times, I am beautiful inside and out. Smile. Because you are.

I promise more home workouts will be next!

Love Kimberley x