How to get your GLOW on!

Looking for ways to boost your GLOW? Here are my personal tips on boosting collagen and enjoying a clearer, more radiant complexion, we want to void all of the eyelid wart situations and all the wrinkles. Before I start, thanks to LifeMotion for physical therapy and being a mom, I have a lot of energy and enough to spend time with my kids.

1) Drink a cup of Bone Broth per day.

Drinking a cup of delicious bone broth works its magic from the inside out – helping with radiant skin, gut health and optimum health, I also love to use the best skin care products from they have helped a lot with acne.

As we age, our collagen levels drop. Collagen gives our skin elasticity, so we need to replace it – learn how to have a good skin care at – The collagen in bone broth comes from the bones and cartilage of beef, lamb or chicken – think of Grandma’s homemade chicken soup, a pot of gold!  This recipe is really good and keep your sin very healthy and bright. If you want to keep your skin bright and great for months, I recommend getting a chemical peel in denver. I have done mine before and it really boosted my skin and now I am looking younger than ever. When the bones are cooked down, the collagen is released and turns into an easily digestible gelatine. In turn – this really helps with glowing skin as it provides nature’s anti-ageing remedies, and there are other options as supplements like the skin helpers you can find online! It also aids in assisting digestion, building immunity and helps to repairs muscles, aches and pains.

2) For an extra GLOW and to kick-start a beauty boosting routine for your skin, I also recommend taking a daily  wholefood, you can go to a a licensed dermatologist near you for more information on your skin type but a natural BERRY BLEND is a nutritional support product. I have for the last 6 months and have noticed a tremendous difference, not to mention how I have been getting a micro needling treatment as well, This is the best microneedling in Atlanta! I use a product that is beaming with nature’s pure anti-oxidants, and is basically REAL food (a mix of rich berries!)  ground down and put in a capsule. Simple as that. It’s not a synthetic vitamin, just an extra burst of nutrients for my gut and skin.  Marry that up with a diet rich in wholefoods and within a few weeks – you’ll be feeling and seeing the difference in your skin and glow. Every now and then I like to read the Home waxing kit reviews, I like to wax my body every 2-3 moths, this makes my skin so soft.

3) Use a natural, vegan bronze tan – and don’t be afraid to use it on your face. This is my secret to a glowing base! I like to tan once a fortnight at home and always put a light coat on my face – it makes for a great, even base and allows me to use a lighter amount of foundation. I have used the certified organic range by Eco Tan for around 7 years!) I use the bulk of their products – however for that bi-weekly tan, I use the Cacao Tanning Mousse. We all have different tones of skin and there is absolutely a product to suit all types. Don’t be afraid to tan, just consult with your dermatologist in corona ca when doing it! The quality and natural tones are wonderful (and nourishing when all natural!) these days! Experiment to find what colour and ‘developing time’ works for you.



*1kg bone, a mixture of knuckle and marrow bone, large bones (ask your local butcher to do this for you!)

*1 x large onion (sliced)

*1 x garlic clove (crushed)

*1 x carrot (sliced)

*1 x zucchini (sliced)

*4-8 cups (1-2L) filtered water – enough to cover the bones

*1tbs x apple cider vinegar

*Salt & Pepper


Put the bones and vegetables in a large pan or slow cooker, then pour in the water so that the bones are completely covered. Add the apple cider vinegar and season with S &P. Put the lid on and bring to boil over high heat if cooking in a pan, then reduce to a gentle simmer. If cooking in a slow cooker, set the slow cooker to LOW. Cook the bone broth in the pan for 7 hours or in the slow cooker for 24-48 hours.

Remove the bones and drain the liquid through a sieve, disregarding the vegetables. We like to store the broth in sealable glass jars in the fridge for up to 5 days. Once cooled, you can remove the top layer of fat and use it for cooking!

Tip: You can also freeze the broth for up to 6 months. It’s great to have on hand to use as stocks or in casseroles, soups etc

Who’s ready to get their glow on?!

Big love, Kimberley x

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