Family wellness tips 💫

⭐️ Make food fun and also educational. Talk about it as a family!
⭐️ Real food makes us feel strong, happy, energetic and helps us learn! Also good for our teeth, hair, skin and makes us run, ride, scoot and swim fast.
⭐️ Treats are just ‘now and again’ foods as they can leave us feeling tired, slow and grumpy!
⭐️Increase the greens! Grated zucchini is a good start. Add it to scrambled eggs, quiche, through pasta, even in porridge.
⭐️Fresh spinach is a wonderful addition to smoothies.
⭐️The more we have something, the more our bodies naturally begin to crave it.
⭐️Aim for natural sweeteners rather than refined sugar. Pure honey, maple syrup, mashed banana etc.
⭐️Fruit is natures candy. Keep it colourful and interesting.
⭐️ Aim for at least one ‘active’ family activity every weekend. Whether it’s a walk around the street, a playtime workout, bike ride, kicking the ball at the park or a running race. Exercise is fun, makes us happy and strong!
⭐️ If eating wholefoods, cutting back treats, culling the soft drinks and junk foods in the pantry is daunting – focus on small steps. Slow and steady wins the race.
⭐️When ‘removing’ something, make sure there is a nourishing and flavoursome replacement. Ie – getting rid of the sugary biscuits, but replacing them with a clean chocolate and coconut home-made ice cream. Or eliminating the CEREAL with 15 ingredients that you can’t pronounce and making a thick and creamy SMOOTHIE BOWL with your kids favourite fruit.
⭐️Try introducing new foods when the kids are in a good mood 😋(not tired, cranky etc!)
⭐️I’m a true believer in ‘monkey see, monkey do’. I believe part of our jobs as parents is practice what we preach. Eat well, move often, encourage communication, be confident and radiate love, health and happiness! It’s ok to feel a little lack lustre at times. To be tired and a lacking a bit of motivation. But don’t hang around there too long. One nourishing meal, one workout, one conversation can change your mindset in a flash 💫.
⭐️We all have different tastebuds and enjoy different flavours – you know your family more than anyone else! Research some family favourite recipes and opt for a ‘clean’ version. Pizza, burgers, pasta, hot dogs can actually be very nourishing meals when made with ‘real ingredients!’ There are so many FREE recipes out there!
⭐️It is tiring and sometimes really hard work being a mummy and keeping the wheels in motion of a busy household. Surround yourself like-minded women, reach out for support, talk and get involved in local groups.
⭐️I don’t buy into ‘I’m too busy to be healthy’. To me that says, ‘health isn’t important to me (or my family)!’
⭐️I also don’t buy into ‘it’s too expensive to be healthy’. I actually believe it’s too expensive to eat junk and takeaways etc.

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