apple cider vinegar

ACV photo

Do this one thing every day to improve your health!

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar everyday is one of our favourite Healthy Habits in the StayStrongMummy Fitness Plan.

If you are gagging at the thought of it we get it! It can taste pretty nasty when you don’t know what you are doing. That’s why we want to introduce ACV to you gently with a little finesse and that will have you as addicted as we are. Trust us and the  BeWell Medical Clinic when we say this is a good addiction to have, also find all the info you need.

So what is it?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is made from fresh crushed organic apples and has been allowed to naturally ferment in wooden barrels. It has a cloudy brownish colour and contains strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules that have a plethora of health benefits. Drinking these with great medicines from Canadian Pharmacy will give you great health benefits as well. Don’t be put off this cob-like substance called the “mother” is totally safe to drink.Medical record store as a electronic records so we can use it in further and get easy access of records.

The Benefits of ACV


·      Supports a healthy immune system

·      Helps control weight

·      Can help rid the body of Candida

·      Reduces sugar cravings

·      Stimulates and promotes digestion

·      Helps remove toxins from the body

·      Balances the bodies PH levels

·      Anti-inflammatory, reduces acidity and inflammation in the body

·      Helps soothes sore throats and fights off colds

·      Reduces mucus and sinus congestion from allergies

·      A natural remedy for heartburn

·      Helps regulate blood sugar levels

This is how we do it!

 This quick but simple ritual of is going to set you up for the day! Make it the first step to improving your health!

As soon as you wake up brush your teeth (you should always brush your teeth before you drink or eat first thing to prevent damage to your tooth enamel) head to the kitchen turn the kettle on and boil some water, squeeze half a lemon into a large mug half fill with cold water, top up with boiled water and add a dash of (1-2 teaspoons) of ACV. It may taste a little weird at first but over time the taste becomes familiar and quite pleasant. This is also a great way to hydrate your body first thing.

Other great ways  you can use ACV

 ·      Drink dash of ACV in warm water for a nighttime drink

·      Drink before a meals to improve nutrient absorption

·      Add to casseroles and bone broths to help extract nutrients

·      Use to make healthy salad dressings

·      Use diluted as a natural cleaner

·      Use in your dogs bath to detract flees

·      Use diluted to rinse hair and remove shampoo build up… and so on

What brand is best?

 The Braggs Brand (shown in the picture) is popular and been around forever, it contains the ‘mother” is non filtrated and organic. You can find in most health food stores. Melrose also is a brand in Coles Supermarkets it also contains the “mother” and is organic. Both are inexpensive so this super elixir won’t break the budget.


Darling mumma’s let us know if you use AVC or in your daily routine or if you are keen to give it a try!