One of the best ways to improve or kick off a health and fitness journey is to DETOX YOUR PANTRY!

Here are a few of my personal tips on how to clean out the pantry cupboards and immerse yourself (and your family) into a lifestyle of clean, whole foods:

  • Set aside a few hours in the kitchen, get a couple of garbage bags ready and a recycle bin for the empty containers.
  • Be prepared to toss out some pantry staples (don’t think twice about it!)
  • Pick up every item in your pantry and read the ingredients label. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient or don’t know what’s in it – toss it.
  • My general rule of thumb is – if it’s a pre-packaged food, it should really only have a handful of ingredients in it.
  • Look at every item – sauces, cereals, packaged foods, breads, condiments etc!
  • Check use by dates while you’re there. you will be surprised how long food has been hiding in there!
  • Get rid of junk food, refined sugars, white flours, fake food colourings, sugary biscuits, soft drinks, cordials etc and only use natural products.
  • FOCUS ON THE ABUNDANCE OF WHOLE FOOD and CLEAN options available and refill the pantry.
  • There are plenty of great and affordable options for families. There are better flours, natural sweeteners, pastas, sauces, cereals and basics out there for you to choose from (that won’t create havoc on your body and mind. Food affects you emotionally just as much as it does physically!)

A great and simple way to implement more REAL FOOD into your household is to cook from scratch as much as you can.

Below is a list of whole food alternatives that we use in out kitchen to help get you started! Click on the link to Download your printable Copy Below.


There are so many free and basic recipes online these days and the majority of them are so simple including the one’s we use in The Stay Strong Mummy Fitness Plan! I see cooking REAL food as another act of love ❤️

Setting aside some time in the kitchen each week does wonders for your families health!

My kids and hubby love my raw chocolate slices, homemade ice-cream, muesli slices, spring rolls, sausage rolls, pancakes, smoothie bowls, pasta sauces, dips etc!

Some cheeky photos from Vicky’s Insta stories helping a client Detox her Pantry!