The 8 Week Shred Challenge is our online health and fitness guide that is designed to really get your health + fitness habits ingrained into your lifestyle – for life!

The 8 week shred plan, although simple is designed to give you results FAST. The plan is designed to see changes in body composition, muscle tone, increases in energy levels and improved overall vitality and wellbeing. It is an online program, part of our JBT Lifestlye Program, and is available to anyone worldwide! It’s the perfect way to accelerate your heath and weight loss goals.

Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, tone up, improve your lifestyle, health & happiness, decrease stress, learn about about nutrition & exercise, be kept accountable, improve the appearance of your skin, hair & nails, have a support group where you know you’re not alone, or you just want to improve your general overall well being, feeling & motivation. Then this is the program for you.

What’s in the Guide?

  • Clean, wholefood recipes + meal plans
  • Exercise guides for home or gym
  • Optional three-day smoothie cleanse to start
  • Measurement trackers + goal setting guides
  • Online support, monthly mentoring from me (yay! we get to hang out!)
  • Natural, wholefood nutritional support products to help you get the edge (select from vegan superfood protein, vegan omegas or wholefood fruit + veg capsules)
  • Over 200+ recipes
  • Self-love & gratitude guide
  • Access to the Lifestyle Transformation Program after the challenge is complete.

Our hope is that you never have to calorie count, restrict, deprive or diet EVER AGAIN (these things are so arduous and can never be sustained long term). We want you to embrace peace and balance in eating intuitively and embracing one philosophy – JUST EAT REAL FOOD!

In line with the 8 week shred, our customers receive free, lifetime access to the Lifestyle Transformation Program to ensure long term sustainability. Prices start from around $14 per week!

In our program we strive to bring simplicity and deliciousness to healthy eating, and to ensure it is family friendly so it can be incorporated into a healthy food culture in the home. We focus on crowding out the bad stuff with ease by simply adding more good choices, counting VITALITY, not calories.

If you’re ready to kick things up a gear and create healthy, life-long habits for you and your family, please contact your Project Blossom Ambassador to get started!

I can’t wait to do this with you.

Stay gentle,

Kimberley x