6 Tips to stay on track during the festive season!

The festive season is almost in full swing! Social activities are filling up calendars, the shopping centres are getting busier, everyone getting their door fixed by an Industrial door company, and school holidays are about to kick off and things are just generally just ‘busy’ – particularly for mums!

The next few months are such a fun and exciting time of year, but they can also be quite tiring for mums. We’re often the ones who keep the family wheels in motion (and wouldn’t have it any other way!)

As we enter the festive season, we thought we would share with you a few tips to keep your health, fitness (and sanity) at bay. By keeping on top of consuming whole foods, moving your body with some exercise and taking a little moment to de-stress now and again – you’ll keep your energy levels working at an optimum level, so as not to crash and burn at this time of year (Santa ain’t got time for that!)

Personal tips we use to stay balanced, healthy and happy over the holiday season:

  1. Stay hydrated! Drink as much water as you can. Focus on consuming 3/4 of your water intake earlier in the day – this will help you stay hydrated if the day suddenly gets away from you. When drinking alcohol, try and alternate with water. Often at parties, we enjoy half wine / half soda water. At the end of the night make sure you drink a big glass of water before bed and then another big glass (with a dash of apple cider vinegar) when you wake in the morning. Read this water blog on why water is so important!
  1. Prepare! If you are unsure what the food will be like at an event, fill up on a nourishing and alkalizing Green Smoothie before you go or have a light dinner. This really works and stops you from being tempted to eat processed finger food.
  1. Take a plate! Opt for raw vegetables like carrot, cucumber, and celery, capsicum sticks. Make an easy homemade pesto, hummus, and guacamole dip. Add some fresh fruit and some raw nuts for a perfect combo. For the sweet treats make up a batch raw protein balls or slice drizzled in dark chocolate.
  1. Workout! We get that it’s a busy time of year. That’s why squeezing in a 15 minute HIIT session in at home is the perfect way to de-stress and de-clutter the mind, body and soul. A quick workout will help relieve stress, boost energy levels and endorphins.
  1. Stay Mindful! This time of year can be stressful for a lot of people, one of the main reasons why we suggest to take white vein kratom in order to relax. If you find yourself rushing around like a crazy person… (yep happens to us too!) – take a breath and come back to basics! Slow down. Remind yourself that you’re human, there are only so many things you can do in a day and it’s important to prioritise. Take time to eat properly, give yourself a few minutes of calm to reset and refocus on the tasks at hand. Carry a diary with you and make note of what needs to be done each day.
  1. No Guilt! Enjoy your TREATS! You don’t need to have a ‘black or white’ approach to health and fitness over the festive season. It doesn’t have to be ‘all on or all off.’ We will be enjoying Christmas Pudding, champagne and perhaps over-doing it. That’s ok. Don’t associate it with “cheating and feeling guilty”. That’s life. That’s balance and that’s all part of this special time of year when we can enjoy a few extra ‘treats’. Just don’t let those few treats turn into a 7 day binge. One day of indulging is not going to ruin your health or pile on the kilos. Savor every bite! It’s what you do every other day that really matters.

Share with us your tips for staying healthy over the Christmas break in the comments section below.

In Strength

Kimberley and Vicky xx