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The StayStrongMummy Fitness Plan book holds such a special space in my heart. It’s a beautiful summary of my journey from an exhausted, frazzled and worn out mother – to a ‘Stay Strong Mummy’. Thousands of women all over the world have welcomed it into their homes and two years on, I still wake up daily to messages and emails from mums simply saying, ‘thank you’.

Thank you for my renewed sense of self, energy, vibrancy, strength and fitness.

So, what’s in the book?

The SSM Fitness Plan is a 4 week guide to becoming to a healthier, stronger and leaner mum. Some of the highlights in this beautiful 220 page book include;

*4 week workout guide focusing on 3 x 15 min (approx) HIIT workouts per week (firm, fat loss, strength)

*Introduction to clean, wholefoods, sample meal plan, all recipes (breakfast, snacks, dinner, lunch, treats etc). You can adapt recipes to suit your style of eating (vego, vegan etc).

*Tips for working out with kids, extra advice for twin mums

*Goal setting + tracking your success

*Mummy mantras + mindset advice

*How food and emotions are linked

*Time management tips (+ extra tips for twin mums)

*Technique guide for every exercise

*Online community support

The style of training in this book is based on the workouts I’ve now done for six years! They’re not only effective, they’re sustainable. The workouts focus on High Intensity Interval Training – with an emphasis on firming, fat loss and strength. They’re based on 15 minute sessions, so they’re achievable and allow you to feel nourished, rather than punished.

The workouts are complemented by an insanely beautiful wholefoods and clean eating guide with an abundance of family-friendly recipes ranging from breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners and sweet treats!

Our online Challenges are run monthly via Facebook – which is home to our beautiful community, expert coaches, trainers, life coaches, psychologist and therapist – who add their incredible tips and tricks along the way.

Whether you’ve got my book, you’ve completed the guide before and want to do it again, whether you’ve never seen my book but are keen to reset, replenish and renergise with me – whether you’re a complete novice or professional – this program is about honouring our bodies, our minds and feeling stronger – in 4 weeks, physically and emotionally. We’re stronger together.

Here’s an excerpt from my Publisher;

Exhausted. Frazzled. Worn out. This is how Kimberley Welman felt after giving birth to three babies, including twins, within 19 months. Once a marathon runner, Kimberley could barely jog around the block without wanting to keel over, but she knew she had to do something. Her health and sanity were at stake.

With no clear sense of where to begin, Kimberley tried CrossFit (expensive), classes at her gym (hard to get to), running (too hard on her recovering body). Months later, she finally found a training partner in fellow mother Victoria Reihana, and discovered the joys of clean eating and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

What began as one mother’s mission to get her body back, has become a global movement and ever-expanding online community, full of women (with and without children) motivating one another to live healthier lives. Featuring recipes, exercise routines and inspirational advice, The Stay Strong Mummy Fitness Plan will fill the mother-shaped hole in the current fitness landscape.

They make me sound alright, hey? Ha! At the end of the day, i’m passionate about inspiring women to step into their greatness and out of the fogginess that comes with motherhood! Food, fitness and community support gave that to me and I love paying that gift forward!


You can now do the 4 week fitness guide challenge online – with my support, every step of the way via Facebook!

Wait though, it gets even better! To help YOU get the edge and accelerate your results over the 4 weeks, we’ve incorporated a range of wholefood nutritional support products into the guide! You can choose from a Vegan protein powder (for epic smoothies!), plant based omegas (to clear the mama emotional fog and repair in the post natal phase) or wholefood fruit + veggie powders (hello energy, vitality and reducing inflammation in the body!) to help you along the way.


You will get…….drum roll please!

*Ebook copy of the StayStrongMummy Fitness Plan via our private group!

*Access to the private customer group where other women support, motivate, inspire and cheer each other on!

*Wholefood nutritional support product of your choice delivered to your door. Yes, this is one stop shop!

*Access to our online JBT Lifestyle Transformation guides (to follow after the challenge is over – an additional 200+ wholefood family recipes, our 6 week Body Transformation Strength Guide, optional 8 week challenge, gourmet cleanse, pantry detox guide, Kids Wholefoods Recipe book etc)

*Weekly group check in with StayStrongMummy & expert trainers  via private FB group throughout challenge

Prices start at approx $147 AUD – which includes all of the above! Depending on the nutritional support product chosen, payment plans across 4 months are available.

Keen to join us? I can’t wait to link arms with you!

We start new groups on the first week of every month! However, to ensure you’re prepared – we recommend signing up as soon as you can. You need time to read the ebook, have your products delivered, detoxed your pantry and have done your goal setting! Sooner the better!

Please contact your StayStrongMummy health ambassador for more details. Or, drop me some love privately in my INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK messages!

About the Authors

Kimberley Welman is a stay-at-home mum, entrepreneur and founder of the online parent’s support forum and blog ‘Stay Strong Mummy’. Prior to having children, Kimberley enjoyed a twelve-year career as a Senior Public Relations Consultant for one of Australia’s longest serving corporate communication firms.

Victoria Reihana is a mum of two, an entrepreneur, and certified holistic health coach. She is the founder of health food brand Vitality Nutrition. In addition, she is certified in Fitness and Personal Training, Metabolic Precision Body Transformation System, Science-based Prescription for Muscle Building, Australian Kettle Bell Training, and is also an RPM Instructor.