3 Kettle Bell Exercises to strengthen your upper body & core

KB upward Row

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Targets: Shoulders, forearms, traps, (core for stability)

How to: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Holding the KB with both hands, arms are straight with palm facing inwards. Raise elbows up until hands reach chin height. Then lower KB back down to starting position.

    • Engage core
    • Keep shoulders down away from your ears
    • Stay in upright position
    • Don’t rock the body 
  • Keep the KB close to the body

KB shoulder Press

Targets: Mainly Shoulders, with biceps and triceps and core as stabilisers

How to:

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, placing a KB in each hand raise hands to shoulder height with palms facing outwards. Elbows should be at the same height as the shoulders. Push KB up until arms are straight, lower back down to starting position. 

    • Engage core
    • Keep shoulders down away from your ears
    • Stay in upright position
    • Don’t rock the body, keep the movement slow and controlled
  • Keep arms close to your head

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KB plank

Targets: Core, shoulders, triceps

Place KB on a smooth flat surface. Hold onto the KB handle with both hands and hold in a plank position and hold for 30 seconds or more.

    • Lock out your elbows
    • Keep your shoulders down and back
    • Gently pull your belly button in towards your spine
    • Don’t let the middle of your body sag
    • Keep your legs activated by squeezing your thighs
  • Widen your legs for extra stability