Stay Strong Mummy Valentines Day Traditions – Keeping the Romance Alive!

Romance is in the Air? We know it doesn’t always work out that way when you have small children clinging to you all day and you are living on limited sleep…. Romance usually takes a backward slide… this is why we LOVE Valentine’s Day!

We think it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the LOVE we share with our hubby’s!

Kimberley’s Tradition – Picnic in the backyard


Ben and I got engaged on Valentines Day, so it’s a special day for the both of us. Whilst we do enjoy going out for fancy dinners now and again – we’ve always found ourselves opting to stay at home and having a special dinner with our little love ‘creations’ on Valentines Day.

Whether it’s a pizza picnic in the backyard with a bottle of champagne (while the kids play around us), or a special candlelit dinner ‘for five’ – I do try and make it a special occasion. I’m a huge fan of “family platters” for dinner. We can all sit around, talk, listen to music and just pick away at a scrumptious spread of foods! It’s our perfect kind of ‘date night’ at the moment. (I also find the kids are more inclined to try ‘new foods’ when we are all relaxed and they can pick at a platter!)

 This year (providing the weather is kind), I’m planning on surprising my hubby with a special sunset dinner in our backyard (don’t worry, he doesn’t read these newsletters or blog…I think!) The kids can play, the dog can run around and we can enjoy a bottle of bubbles with our circle of love. I’ll be preparing a dinner picnic platter with all of our favourite foods and the kids will help set the table with candles, incense and flowers. The music will go on and we’ll greet Daddy when he walks through the door!

 I’m sure there will come a day when we’ll opt for a dinner out at a nice restaurant, but for now – there really is no place like home for us. It’s important to make some extra effort – particularly on your relationships with young kids. The effort doesn’t always have to be ‘huge and expensive’ – simple and loving little touches can remind your loved one just how special they are.

Vicky’s Tradition – Belated Dinner for 2


For as long as I can remember (22 years) Tahi and I have always made a special effort on Valentines Day. When our kids were little going out for dinner wasn’t always possible.

We always made the effort to wake up to a beautiful card and a small gift from each other. Heart felt words in a card and a few yummy chocolates is such a simple easy thing to do.

I know some may think they “don’t need Valentines Day” to let their partner know how much they love  them … I get this but in a busy family household with  work and kids the romance doesn’t magically appear unless you make it!

Now that the kids are teenagers we still to this day give each other cards. Tahi is a big romantic and goes the extra mile and gets me a bottle of my favourite champagne. This year Valentines Day lands on a Tuesday (school night) so we plan to have a glass of bubbly at home and go out on Friday night for a belated romantic dinner.

For us Valentines Day isn’t about the gifts…..for us it’s about making the effort and looking forward to that “date night” that we know we should do more often!