15 Minute Slam Ball Workout

Hello lovely mammas! Some of you may be wondering what on earth is a Slam Ball! 

It’s a new tool I have in my home gym kit to keep me super motivated. It is similar to a medicine ball and comes in a variety of sizes and weights. It is designed for throwing or slamming. When you throw it down it literally sticks to the ground and you have to pick it up again.

Here is a quick 15 minute workout I put together for a total body workout.

10 x Ball Slams

10 x Russian Twists (holding the slam ball)

10 x Slam ball Burpees

10 x Slam ball Push ups 


Ball Slams –  Never round your back when squatting to pick up the Slam ball, squat deep (like when a toddler squats down) throw the ball down hard without pausing

Russian Twists – Keep your eyes and chest pointing forward, rotate from the waist pulling your belly button in

Slam Ball Burpees – Throw the ball down, keep hands on ball and jump out into a plank, do not let your back sag. Keep your glutes and legs squeezed tight

Slam Ball Push Ups – Hands on ball, squeeze elbows close to your sides as you lower your chest to the ball. If not strong enough to lower down hold into a straight arm plank with core activated to build strength

Let us know how you go!